Draw a bath that’ll inspire your dinky da Vinci to express their artistic side! Tiger Tribe’s Bath Faces is kitted out with five colourful bath crayons and a set of foam facial features, including eyes, eyebrows, noses and mouths.

This crafty bath toy is designed to keep toddlers happy (and distracted!), while you get to work making them squeaky clean. But the benefits go beyond a bit of fun in the tub. Kids bath toys encourage littlens to learn through imaginative play, whether that’s sparking their creativity and curiosity or strengthening their key motor skills.

The Bath Faces set also comes with a cloth for easy cleaning and a mesh bag for storage between bath times.

Bath Faces product features:

  • 5 retractable coloured bath crayons
  • Foam facial features (3 pairs of eyes, 1 pair of eyebrows, 2 noses and 4 mouths)
  • 1 cleaning cloth
  • 1 mesh bath toy tidy
3 years+