Use your paintbrush and your inks to let your imagination wander and bring these beautiful butterflies to life! The patterns of their wings cannot wait to be coloured in.

With a couple drops of paint, all children will be able to create true masterpieces! Aquarellum is a painting technique that will allow all ages to easily create beautiful works of art. Here is its recipe for success:

  • Highly qualitative, thick vellum paper, perfect for watercolour painting as the paper will not crinkle.
  • Mini illustrations with masked outlines that will magically appear at each brush stroke. They will keep the paint from adhering to the masked surfaces so that children will finally only be able to paint within the lines! Their small format is also perfectly adapted to young artists.
  • Watercolour inks that mix perfectly and that can be overlaid to create beautiful gradients.
  • A detailed instruction sheet on the perception and the mixture of colours.


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7 years+